Limited Edition 1.25" Only a 100 made Hail Hydra Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

I am so pumped to reveal my first ever Lapel Pin! The pin features Captain America's face as the skull in the Hydra logo on top of Cap's shield! This mash up was inspired by the recent revelation that... 

wait for it... S P O I L E R ' S ARE AHEAD... 

our Captain America has bee a Hydra Spy all this time!!! 


This soft enamel pin measures 1.25" wide and has a black metal plating finish. They have one nail on the back and come with a black rubber cap. Each pin is stamped on the back with my logo, so you know it's one of my designs, and pinned on a custom numbered backing. 

This is the first printing of my Hail Hydra design and is only limited to 100 pin's, so get your's while I have them!

Pin's are sealed in a clear plastic bag and backed on a heavy stock backing board. They will ship in a bubbled mailing envelope and you'll get a free gift to boot! 

$10.00 USD
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