Own this 2" wide Hard Enamel Pin featuring Short Circuit's own Jonny 5!

This movie held a special place in my heart, and after all these years later I have found that it's held a special place in a lot of your hearts. This pin is based off my best seller online, the Jonny 5 fine art print, Your Momma was a snowblower! :) 


This hard enamel pin measures 2" high and has a shinny metal plating finish. They have two nails on the back and come with a metal cap. Each pin has been stamped on the back with my logo, so you know it's one of my designs.

Pin's are sealed in a clear plastic bag and backed on a heavy stock backing board. They will ship in a bubbled mailing envelope and you'll get a free gift to boot! They will be shipped First Class and you will receive a tracking number to keep an eye on the delivery. 

$13.00 USD
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