My latest 2" Hard Enamel Lapel Pin, featuring Eleven from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things! 

As a proud child of the 80’s Netflix’s original series Stranger Things hit me right in the nostalgia gut. From the opening credits to the characters and how the series was shot was so reminiscent of the classic movies from my childhood. Needless to say it became an instant hit in my eye’s and quite a few of you also. 

This pin features the mysterious girl named Eleven, El to her friends, on one of her favorite food’s… Eggo Waffles. This pin is based off of my own artwork for a Stranger Thing’s print that I am currently working on. For a sneak peek of that print check out my Facebook or Instagram Pages. 


This hard enamel pin measures 2" high and has a gold metal plating finish. They have two nails on the back and come with a metal cap. Each pin has been stamped on the back with my logo, so you know it's one of my designs.

Pin's are sealed in a clear plastic bag and backed on a heavy stock backing board. They will ship in a bubbled mailing envelope and you'll get a free gift to boot! They will be shipped First Class and you will receive a tracking number to keep an eye on the delivery. 

Art @ Tom Ryan's Studio 2016

$14.00 USD
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